Talking bot

Unisoftdev's chatbot, talking bot is instantly answering FAQ (saving your time, while you don't have to search, nor wait for a customer support), is capable of NLP (natural language proccessing), scraping throughout the internet and learning. Prospectively, you could have found it useful. One year consists of 365 days, so 8760 hours and if you'll multiply it by 10 (£/hour) and add 4K (for NI), then you're gotta recon the worth of a online chatbot. AI can do a job of 1000 humans at the same time, or none (if nobody is interested to talk to a robot), although, remember, at the moment undergoes a beta test, is starting to learn.

FAQ bot

I'm a FAQ chatbot released to talk with you during and still in a beta test, second phase, so my list of FAQ is very short. I need you to learn from our conversation.

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