About the chatbot

Unisoftdev's chatbot is here to collect needed data, then, consequently, can offer some quickly available and additional "customer support", plus some internal activities, however, this is dependent on a machine learning. At the moment, this bot is just starting to learn from your questions, which can't answer by itself, Wikipedia, Unisoftdev Forum, my other websites and my accounts on social networks (scraps feeds written by me). Your chatting is a necessity. You can improve the chatbot...

There's possible to find a plenty of libraries and even ready to use chatbots with a rich vocabulary, however, all of them are unusable, because they're not gonna give a right answer for any questions related to my services, nor products. At one point, I took a look at AIML and some other pure server-side apps, ready chatbots like Cleverbot, or Evie chatbot. If I think about AIML, Prolog and so far..., then main impression is that all of them are a great choice for somebody trying to DoS his/her own server. Finally, I'd to write something own. Actually, my chatbot is a mixture of PHP, SQL and Python on the server-side, JSON in the middle, JavaScript and jQuery on the client-side (front-end). Client-side application consists of my bot written in JavaScript and Jquery enriched with another one, Eliza (well-designed for general questions, made by Norbert Landsteiner). Unisoftdev's chatbot runs on both sides, on the server and the client side as well.

Usual VPS, or dedicated servers (computers) powering websites have got 1-2 CPU cores, rather of them got just =< 0.5 GB of working memory (this one has got more) and sometimes have to handle processes of 100 users at the same moment. Imagine that a weak web server should make 100 times more processes than your computer. There's a myths about JavaScript crashing browsers and I was very curious about the bot, therefore I tested the impact of the jQuery and Javascript on my own computer. To be clear, simply giving out, there's a brutally huge code of jQuery library (that's a kind of JavaScript, it's an extension of vanila JavaScript) and JavaScript itself running in your computer, while you chat with Unisoftdev's FAQ chatbot. Thus, I tested it. And more... I've made a video. Remarkably, it doesn't beat my computer at all. It looks like that I could put 5 times longer code and then, still, you don't spot any difference.

Usually, if you'd try to analyze a website freezing your computer, or, merely, crashing the browser, thereafter would be a high probability that you could see common graphic aspects such as image sliders, or other moving graphic elements. If it's true that JavaScript is crashing your browser, then usually because of animations and other tasks related to a graphic (GPU tasks. CPU isn't very well performing in it). Is it an issue of a programming language? Really, Is it?

Is it really AI?

We must be down to earth. It's just a FAQ chatbot (utilizing pre-programmed responses), web scrapper and machine learning algorithms. It's exactly what it was designed for. However, if you won't measure it diametrically, if you'll see the same qualities in robots, seem to think they're smart for the same things as humans, then you could see something thereof... Of course, within some angle of view, this bot isn't gonna be smarter than a human, but in some particular tasks will be able to outperform a human. It's not gonna be self aware, even a general AI. It's gonna be a chatterbot helping to customers. That's the ambition.

A private talk

In a manner of continuous improvement of answers, the chatbot is picking up new questions, which can't be answered. Clearly, I don't hide it, I'd like to say that if you write with my online chatbot, thus, there's an expectable likehood that some parts of your conversations can be saved in a database for machine learning purposes and after read by one human having access to the gathered data (only I'm that person). On the other hand, nobody else can get the data. Possibly, this isn't uncomparable with emails, which are saved as well. In any case, this dialogues don't include anybody 3rd. It's only between Unisoftdev and you.