Improve the chatbot

If it's really a FAQ bot, then, deductively, any possible contingencies of Unisoftdev's chatbot abilities to provide satisfying responses are deeply dependent on interactions, contingent on the tendency of website visitors to communicate with the bot, or post questions into Unisoftdev Forum. All the time when you're talking with the bot, or discuss in the forum and if the bot is failing to provide any relevant answer, then, there's a self-starting machine learning process continuing in a simple saving your questions and data mining.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a subset of AI that utilize algorithms to learn from newly-gained data sets. Algorithms are basically a series of steps that lead to the completion of a processing task.
The main server-side core of the chatbot is receiving unanswered questions from talks and scrapping feeds from Unisoftdev Forum, where's searching for new questions already answered by me. Thereafter, if the questions are really answered, then the bot rewrites these conversations and saves in a relational database and json files. Chatbot can access Wikipedia, plus many other websites and download whatever is needed.
Mentionably, the server-side applications are comparing the frequency of particular queries. Trending questions are included in client-side files loaded initially (in JavaScript) as well, which can be instantly available, while the less frequent questions are waiting in SQL database.